• Katie Korotzer

When workshops are worth it

your work can take a big leap the next time you're in the studio. There are times when I take a class or a workshop and the experience can be transformative the next time I hit the studio. Some sort of magic occurs, maybe it's the repetition of some information I already knew, maybe it's the slightly different take on a practice I already use, or maybe it's a completely new idea - but whatever it is, the result is powerful. Sure, I've been in classes and workshops where my energy is low and somehow never sparked enough to get anything new off the ground. But usually there is a dynamic formed between the instructor and the participants that breathes life into a new aspect of my process. I have learned not to let the pieces produced in a workshop be the goal, rather, I take the discoveries from making those pieces into my studio practice. The work that comes after is more confident, richer and more satisfying.

Commissioned work in progress after a month packed full of zoom and in person workshops


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