• Katie Korotzer

What's next

After an intense period of working nearly 7 days a week for the past 5 months or so on my art practice I will be taking several weeks 'off'. In the next few days I will deliver 12 paintings to a show in San Francisco, a single painting to a different San Francisco show, another painting to a Sacramento show, a commission to a client and a painting traded for design services to a friend. All of that is the culmination of applied effort in building the outward facing part of my art practice. It's time now for some creative regrowth, new thought and risk taking through trying something new, not yet meant for public consumption. I'll be traveling to spend some time near the ocean and will take some basic art materials with me, along with some art history reading. I plan to do some work in black and white. I'll never forgo color, but I want to have more control over how color appears in my work. Black and white will help calm the process.

Inspiration for some figurative work in black and white


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