• Katie Korotzer

There's been a lot of Pink in my 2019 work

I just participated in a group show in Berkeley, CA last month and it was a bit anti-climatic for me. I didn't really have my mojo going when I was preparing for this show. I had just come off a very successful show in April that I had spent 9 months preparing for. When the May show rolled around, I just didn't have the energy or the time to create work that I was really proud of. And, I had sold nearly all of my small work at the April show, so my inventory was low. So between the low energy and the low inventory, I really wasn't on my game and that showed up in my work. I learned a couple of really valuable lessons: one - it's not fair to the other artists if I'm doing a group show to not be 100%. Everyone is putting in their time, hopes and energy and everyone involved deserves the best from the other group members; and two- It takes me a lot of time to make work that I 'feel', and if I'm not feeling it, then I don't want to make it. I am not in 'business' and I don't want to make products for retail sale. It's funny - I had to have this experience to learn that about my art practice. When I make art, it means something to me. If other people respond to it and want to own it, that means something to me too. But I am really not interested in turning out work for the sake of selling. Wow, it was a lot of work to learn that lesson, but now I know. Also - I see that I have been using a lot of pink this past year... can I move on? I see some neutrals coming into play...

Another one of the pink paintings

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