• Katie Korotzer

The Work is the Work

As a dedicated to-do list maker and 'marker-off-er' it can be tough for me to disengage, sit back and let what will be, be. But this week that's exactly what I need to do. Due to demands of life outside of art, I won't be able to get to the studio for at least 7 days. With a big show coming up in 10 days, that is a big chunk of time for an artist to stand down. So right now I have to take my own advice and observe the state of acceptance. The work I have already produced for the show is the work. It must stand on its own, on its own terms. There is no more I can do. I have to accept that. Maybe the work will be better for that, maybe not. Either way, I must accept the reality.

Meanwhile during these days away from the studio I can take some time to meander, think, and refresh. New work will emerge.

The blue sky was a gift after 3 months of rain


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