• Katie Korotzer

The Future is Wide Open

This is one of those weeks in art making when the work is more workman-like than painterly. I'm preparing panels for a new set of paintings and this involves a lot of tape, gesso and sanding. I like to get a number of panels ready in a variety of sizes. When I'm painting I like to have the flexibility to move from panel to panel, and that means putting a significant amount of elbow grease into the preparation stage. It's work - sweaty, dirty and when dealing with 4' panels - heavy. But I have found this stage of creative work to be an incredibly valuable time. While getting the somewhat rote work of brushing gesso onto panels, or running the electric sander, my subconscious creative brain is able to range around at will, without the restrictive judging voice that can be heard loud and clear when its time to "create". Surprising ideas and connections are made while moving panels around, getting that second coat of gesso applied and sanding everything down to a smooth, luscious finish ready for a new group of paintings. At this point in the process, the future is wide open.


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