• Katie Korotzer

Teaching - is it for me?

Last night I taught a workshop for the first time. Doing this was a suggestion made during a year long art coaching course I participated in last year. Teaching the workshop was a powerful experience for me and I see why this is recommended as part of an artists' growth. I decided to teach students how to make a block print, and as part of that, to carve their own block. I've been using my own original hand carved blocks for years as one of the elements in my mixed media paintings. It's interesting that until I taught other people how to carve a block and use it to print, I never thought this was anything special or difficult. But after showing students how to do this, and seeing their delight when they pulled their first prints using the block they carved, I realized - yes - this is a skill I have. I have expertise in this area. What is the old saying? Watch one, Do one, Teach one. I get it now - very cool.

The set up for the block printing workshop


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