• Katie Korotzer

Street Art

I continue to be fascinated by the patterns we live with in our everyday streetscapes. I especially like the iron manhole covers. It's interesting to me that even though it isn't strictly necessary for the sake of utility, people decide to add some sort of decorative element to things like that. It's kind of a hopeful sign I think, for humanity. Oakland has all sorts of these kinds of details if you start looking. On Piedmont Ave there is a large concrete plate or cover for what is probably some sort of stairway access to the basement of an old building. For the past 20 years I've admired the beautiful amethyst colored glass that is embedded in this object. It's becoming more and more worn - not sure why it would be deteriorating faster now - but I finally took a moment to capture a glimpse of it with my camera this week. It's nice when a small thing of beauty can catch our attention and add a pick up to the day.

A beautiful piece of unintentional urban art


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