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Sacred Spaces

I'm one of three women artists presenting an art show April 12-14, 2019 titled "Personal Truth". My work for this show was conceived as 'Sacred Spaces'. It's been incredible to work with colors that are considered pretty and perhaps not quite serious enough for art that is taken seriously. But I must say, the experience of seeing these colors and shapes come to life in my work has been joyful. I hope to share this joy with as many of my friends as possible at the show. My deepest happiness will be if others respond to these pretty paintings with lightness and refreshing energy.

Here is the artist's statement for 'Sacred Spaces':

Katie Korotzer

‘Sacred Spaces’

Personal Truth show April 12-14, 2019

Katie Korotzer

Personal Details

Born: Elberton, GA

1997- Present: Lives and works in Contra Costa County, CA

Instagram: katiekorotzer

Telephone: 510-290-5125


From time to time, from the endless flow of our mental imagery, there emerges unexpectedly something that, vague though it may be, seems to carry the promise of a form, a meaning, and, more important, an irresistible poetic charge.”—Leo Lionni

The quote above is by a well known collage artist and children’s book author who wrote and illustrated my childhood favorite book, ‘Alexander Mouse’. I didn’t know at the time that color, shape and texture would be so meaningful to me throughout my life. When I was about 5 years old my favorite color was red. I thought about the color red a lot. Like, really a lot! Looking back on it now, I would even say that I was obsessed with the color. It had bright, positive connotations for me and thinking about this color would immediately brighten my mood and put a bounce in my step. I had no idea that a fixation on color was a bit peculiar, and I imagined that everyone had a similar response to their own favorite colors.

Now, five decades later with a non-art related professional career and raising a family behind me, I am finally coming to terms with my desire to practice art full time. I have realized that my connection to color as well as texture, shape and form is something worth expressing and sharing with others in the form of painting.

Since 1987 I have been an art student, learning about technique, materials and various forms of expression through classes with private artist instructors, community college and workshops.

My work is abstract and non-figurative. I consider my work to be representational, but not in the traditional sense of presenting an exact replica of something seen. Rather, the colors, shapes and textures that I include in my paintings represent emotion and feeling. This current body of work is titled “Sacred Spaces” and conveys a state of mind I have been focusing on for the past year based on the idea of acceptance.

The Sacred Spaces paintings were completed between October 2018 and March 2019 while I have been increasingly incorporating yoga, meditation, quiet time and the acknowledgement of a higher creative power in my life. I have begun to notice the energy draining forces that striving, trying and pretending bring into my consciousness. I have begun to be open to allowing a higher power work through me to gain acceptance of myself as I am, and therefore, acceptance of my art work as it is. This place of lightness and acceptance is a sacred space.

The color red is no longer my favorite color, although I do still resonate with it. Right now I find that pinks, oranges, creams and the occasional purples, lilacs and blues best express my ideas about sacred spaces. My intention is that the viewer will also find a place in the work to rest, to contemplate and re-energize.

Katie Korotzer, March 20, 2019


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