• Katie Korotzer

Life is in the details...

I'm getting ready for my first solo show and it's truly an exciting time. The many times I've browsed through art galleries and museums and casually 'consumed' the work on offer in those places, I've never truly appreciated what it took to get all that work on the wall. As it turns out, having the impulse to create a work of art, and making the art itself is only a fraction of the effort involved in presenting that work to the viewer. Make that 12 to 15 pieces of art and you are talking about a huge string of decisions, actions and even purchases to complete the task. I've come to appreciate what artists, curators and gallery owners go through so that art lovers have art to love.

This prep period has also been an important reminder that we all need to depend on others at certain points in life. To prepare for the show I've called on my network for help with logistics of all kinds, including some last minute framing.

Making and presenting art is a detailed process & a labor of love. I'm thankful for the support of friends and family to get this done.

I was grateful for the carpentry skills of my friend's son when several pieces needed to be reframed at the 11th hour.


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