• Katie Korotzer

It's a kick to meet a young artist,

someone who is just getting started, and who has committed early to a life in the arts. It wasn't without a twinge of envy that I interviewed Austin Clay Willis, who has recently completed his BFA. I will readily admit that if I could go back in time I would definitely have pursued a life in art from the beginning. At UGA, I migrated away from my sorority pledge class and all the frat parties that entailed, towards friends who wore black, hung out at parties in abandoned churches and took painting classes. Back then I didn't understand that art could be a career. Now, nearly 40 years later I'm finding that it's not too late to pursue my passion, but it sure would have been great to have started earlier. Austin Willis is originally from Piedmont, CA and began his art career through classes at Piedmont High. He's inspired by graffiti, jazz music, the art of Keith Haring and in his sculpture uses cast off materials like tarps, lumber and bits of plastic.


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