• Katie Korotzer

In The Artist's Studio: Suzie Skugstad

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing artist Suzie Skugstad. She is enjoying a third career as a fine artist after starting out as a graphic designer, then becoming an elementary school art teacher. She still teaches, but is finding more and more personal growth through her fine art practice. Her current body of work has taken on a richer, darker palette and reflects an emotional journey she was on last summer during an actual journey. She was on a road trip to Southern California to re-visit favorite spots along the coast with her beloved dogs. During the trip, one of her dogs unexpectedly died. After dealing with the immediate tasks of this loss, Suzie had to decide whether she was able or wanted to continue her journey. She decided to continue the trip, but now was seeing the physical beauty of California's beaches through a different lens. She allowed herself to linger in order to fully experience the sensory effects of the ocean; the smells, the sounds, the sunlight & the fog, the power of the place. The insights Suzie gained while on this journey brought forth a newly emotional body of work which has given her the inspiration she needed to take her painting to another level.

A group of moody blue and green paintings from Suzie's latest body of work


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