• Katie Korotzer

I recently traveled to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. I traveled alone, something I haven't done very

much in my life. It takes a surprising amount of courage. Or maybe it just takes a surprising amount of courage for me. The experience caused me to notice how much I control my daily life so that I don't have too many chances for the unexpected. It was exciting to be out of my comfort zone, looking around with fresh eyes. Also, exhausting! I needed several days to rest once I returned home. But the great thing about this trip with regard to my art practice is that I saw so much art and architecture. The art highlight of the trip was a whole day dedicated to visiting the Barnes Foundation. Viewing the very large collection of Impressionist works, I realized for the first time HOW MUCH WORK those painters produced! It kind of fed my soul, knowing that those artists did not simply appear at their easels one day to produce a masterpiece. No, not AT ALL. They worked for YEARS, sometimes painting the same subject and using the same methods, over and over and over again. Yes, there is such a thing as talent. But also yes, there is nothing if the hard work isn't there too.

This was my favorite Monet painting at The Barnes Foundation

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