• Katie Korotzer

Group Show May 19, 2019

I'm part of a group show on May 19 at Julie Cohn's studio in Berkeley, California. Testing the waters with a group of four artists; we have decided to see if creating an art partnership will be a good way to put the power of four to work on behalf of all four of us. The May 19 show will be our first toe in the water to see if the concept works. I've created six new paintings for the show and will also show two oil and cold wax paintings from the Sacred Spaces show held in April 2019. It's fun and interesting to work with three other artists who are more experienced than I am. Yet, perhaps because I'm not as far along as they are on the professional track, I am a little unsure whether this partnership will be for me. I feel that my true focus should be on making art, being in the studio, and developing my own visual voice. The business side of the art world will be there waiting for me when I am ready. Nevertheless, I am excited about the May 19 group show.

A new collage: "Summer Release" for the May 19 Group Show

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