• Katie Korotzer

Excitement & Curiosity

My latest show "Elemental" was hung day before yesterday, and it was with a great sense of relief that I took a day off from art afterward. There is nothing more I can do at this point to make those pieces any better. They are framed, signed and hung in the show. The show opens tomorrow evening and will be up for a month. 13 pieces ranging in size from 24x24" to 36x34", all oils - all new for this show. It's a lot of physical and mental work to get to this point - a huge investment of time, money and energy - will it all be worth it? Well, what's my definition of worth it? Answer: the excitement of seeing it there on the walls of the art center! A huge sense of accomplishment and a lot of anticipation to see what the viewer's reactions will be tomorrow night. And, now that those works are out of the studio - launched into whatever their next phase might be - (maybe in new homes?) - there is a lovely, open feeling in my studio! My curiosity is building - what will I work on next? What do I want express now? My day off yesterday kept me busy running errands unrelated to art, but my mind was working the whole time on nurturing some budding ideas for new work - Excitement and Curiosity about what that new work will bring - that's what I feel.

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