• Katie Korotzer

Cy Twombly - Inspiration

I "saw" Cy Twombly's work for the first time in 2017 when visiting the Brandhorst Museum in Munich. Of course, I knew Twombly's work before, but only in books. Seeing and being literally surrounded by, his monumental Gaeta paintings in the Brandhorst's exhibit was incredibly moving to me. I could feel the artist at work - his process is immediately apparent. Mark making, handwriting, paint dripping, vivid colors with lot's of white and neutral spaces in between - it's like standing in the middle of the studio, watching the artist bring the work to life. I was inspired to return to my studio after the trip and make paintings that had that kind of life and movement. This week I shipped one of these paintings to a collector in Pittsburgh - sort of torn to see it go, yet proud that the energy and inspiration I felt from Twombly has translated into a painting going into someone's home.

Love Rome Like Cy, Oil and Cold Wax on Wood Panel, 36" x 36", 2018. On it's way to Pittsburgh, PA this week!


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