• Katie Korotzer

Color Inspiration: Green

With the very dry fall we are having here in the Bay Area, I've been thinking a lot about plants - our grasses, trees, our parks and surrounding hills... When we moved to the Bay Area 22 years ago it took me a few years to become accustomed to the way the seasons were reversed from my home state of GA. Back there, lawns would be dry and brown in winter, along with the bare tree branches - it was a bit grim and foreboding; but in summer - oh my - summer in the south means an incredible array of green. Here in CA our rolling hills are a beautiful, shaggy, granny-smith green all winter, and in summer we are enclosed in a landscape composed of dry, dry, brown plants that we're increasingly aware of as fuel for fire. How to get some of the green back in my life right now? Well - I can always paint what's on my mind, and I think green might be the order of the day. Let's see where that goes.

Playing with Green


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