• Katie Korotzer

Beginning a new series

They say that moving is one of life's great stressors, right up there with death and divorce. I can verify that this is an accurate observation. Not many of us make it through our experience on earth without stress. Another thing they say - "stress is real". And that is accurate too. It took roughly 5 years for me to feel stabilized after a short marriage and divorce when I was a young woman. It's impossible to know what I might have achieved if those years hadn't been burned by the inevitable shame and disappointment I had to struggle to rise out of. Even through those times though, I made my way to an art practice. Solace came in the form of 'flow' , literally and figuratively in watercolor classes at the community center. By tearing and re-forming my watercolors into complex collages I entered a meditative and expressive state. I found confidence again, and re-entered the business world.

Now, three decades later, my art practice sustains me in deeper ways. After the sudden, terrible loss of my mother the universe seemed to have edges you could fall from. In this confusing time, my husband and I moved out of the home we had raised our children in. The dog died.

Yet, there was joy too. A new house in the works. A second dog. A loving family. Art.

A new series in the works explores the peace that comes of acceptance, and of the recognition of sadness. But bigger than that is the possibility of an interwoven happiness and lightness. I look to my art practice to lead me there.

New works: Peace & Light


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