• Katie Korotzer

Art on the move

In the last couple of weeks my art has been on the move - out of the studio and into collectors' homes! A very positive move indeed. A few months ago, I began a series of work that came from the heart. I just painted what felt most true , just to me. I imagined what I would want to see on my wall, and that's what I painted. It was amazing how different the work appeared when I got everyone else's voices out of my head and off my canvas! Six paintings left the studio last week for a gallery event in Lafayette, one painting went to a collector in Los Angeles and another went to a collector in Pittsburgh, and today I deliver three more to a show in Danville. I feel so energized now to get back to work in the studio!

Airspace I on its way today to a show at the Village Theatre Art Gallery in Danville,CA


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