• Katie Korotzer


For the past few months I've been exploring collage more and more after taking a fun workshop with artist Carl Heyward at Jennifer Perlmutter's pop up gallery @JPG at the Bank. I was thrilled yesterday to see that one of my new collage works was juried in to an upcoming show in Mill Valley, CA at the O'Hanlon Art Center.

I'm really loving the collage pieces, because I'm able to combine so many techniques that I've learned over the years: watercolor, block printing, using tape to create lines, and of course all the design principles I've been learning in the Art2Life program with Nick Wilton.

I feel that these new pieces are successful because they have a rich depth to them with the various mediums I employ to make them. Plus it's a lot of fun, and I think that comes through in the work. I feel like I'm playing when I make them.

Persephone's Fields juried in to the O'Hanlon Art Center show during May 2019


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