• Katie Korotzer

A Body of Work

Make a body of work, work in series. Those were pieces of advice I heard over and over as I began to paint years ago. For so long, I tried every trick in the book, constantly making one-off paintings, each one completely different from the one before. Sometime in the past 4 years I began to feel comfortable with my own visual voice, and as I also began to listen to the story of myself that wanted to emerge on the canvas, my paintings became stronger. The paintings varied from each other but there were discernible thread of continuity between them. I was exploring the ways that cultural expectations of the feminine in context of growing up in the south have shaped me for good and bad . I've wrapped up a certain series these past 9 months - that period of time having an obvious resonance to my theme - and will take ideas from it to grow a new body of work.

Body of work from Jan -Aug 2020 at Studio 55

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